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Running video analysis

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  So, how can I expect to improve my running technique if I don’t know how good (or bad) it is and I don’t have a coach?  I’ve read quite a few articles about running gait analysis (link to one really good article/video is here), but the real world application of that takes a little more work than I could do myself.  So, with the help of my wonderful wife and her father, I was finally able to get some high speed video of myself running so that I could analyze just how poor my running form is.  In reality, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well I match up to what “they” say I should be doing (or should I say I’m disappointed that there’s not a bunch of low hanging fruit that will help me pick up the pace).  Regardless, let’s get into the details.

I chose to tape  well into one of my long runs because I wanted to ensure I was warmed up, but I also wanted to see how well my form held after I had run for a while and my body was a bit fatigued.  So this was filmed at about the 6.5 mile point of a 9 mile run.  By no means was it Read the rest of this entry


Kona Power, Performance, and Body Composition Info 2013

I’m just now getting around to posting this, but I accumulated the data a while back.  Most of the data comes from slowtwitch or links I found there.   Last year, I posted some information regarding ideal racing weight and I compared the height, weight, BMI, weight/height ratio, and the Kona power data that I could collect for the top pros from Kona in 2012.  So, once there were so many links posted regarding pro power levels for 2013, I started to collect that data as well.  Then I also added in all the information for the age groupers who provided their info (apologies if some of it is wrong, but I did my best as I scoured the posts).   Below is the raw data and a bit of analysis as well.

First, the data from the pros: Read the rest of this entry