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CFD Analysis on finger separation while swimming

Being an engineer, I love to see the technical details.  This article provides a high level overview and results of the study and the results are pretty interesting.  They suggest changing the spread of your fingers throughout the stroke to maximize forward propulsion.  They studied 4 different hand “spreads” and tried to locate where they might be effective, if anywhere.  You could argue how applicable CFD analysis is to real world, but it’s the best tool we have other than real world testing (which often has too many variables to really limit the test to scientifically prove any differences).  Regardless, here’s the link to the article.  Enjoy.



How to improve your running synopsis

I can’t really add much to this, so I’ll just link you to it and let you see for yourself.  I like this site.  They continually put up good information.  Go through the site and see for yourself.  I’m sure there’s something in there that could help you.  Here’s a starting point: How to Improve Running Technique: The Journey

Here’s some more information posted by Endurance Corner:

Part 1

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