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New marathon record


Wow… Wilson Kipsang, pictured above,  ran 4:43 per mile for a full marathon (2:03:23 finish time).  I wish I could run a 5k mile that fast.

Apparently the Berlin marathon is a pretty quick one.  The previous record was from that same race.

Link to full story here.


Self Massage for tight calf muscles

Is there more to it all than training and effort?

Here’s an interesting article written by Alan Couzens that gives some data that he’s collected over the years showing the difference in training response between multiple athletes.  It’s interesting that he’s collected all this data, so I believe that he had no agenda in it other than to discover trends.  So, genetrics definitely appears to play an integral role in how fast we respond to training, but consistent training and determination can overcome a lot of the hurdles put before us.

I don’t bike with power, but the best I can estimate based on this year’s data and a few online calculators, I’d gain around (3.66W/kg – 2.94W/kg) 0.7 W/kg, which would put me in the high responder category.  I don’t necessarily feel like that’s true, but I used a race calculator to give my estimated wattage output in my first race vs my estimated Read the rest of this entry