About Me

Hi! I’m Matt Kerley and I’m a normal age group triathlete who got into the sport late in life. I’ve always been active in sports, but I’ve never swam or biked competitively until I started racing triathlons. It’s taken me a while to feel comfortable in the water as well as to figure out how to get speed on the bike. I’ve figured out a bit on my own and I’ve learned a lot from Joe Friel’s books. To that end, I’m essentially self coached (at least so far) with only the guidance of books and peers.
I have a strong bias towards efficiency and effectiveness not only in workouts but also in my racing. I’m a data geek and I record and analyze anything and everything in hopes that I can improve each aspect. In that respect, I’m very much a student of the sport and, although I feel I’ve learned a lot, I’m always looking to add to that knowledge.
As my knowledge and database have grown, so have my results. 2012 was my first race win and I hope to continue these step performance increases for at least a few more years.


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