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How to evaluate your season and use it to make next season better

Endurance Corner is one of my favorite sites to follow as their approach to training is about as detailed and data-driven as I’ve found.  I’d highly recommend anyone to take a look and I’m sure most anyone can learn something from them.  Alan Couzens and Gordo Byrn are two of the main contributors with a pretty significant list of others who post just occasionally.  Here’s a post from Alan Couzens that discusses how to evaluate your previous season.  22 questions to honestly reflect on to make yourself better.

See his post here to evaluate yourself.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure…

I borrowed the title quote because it seems appropriate to the subject and to my offseason run training.

From my earlier post about logging my run mileage, I realized I didn’t give enough details about exactly what I was doing and it was a bit misleading.  I’m running 6 days per week and now that I’m up to the 30 mile mark, each Tuesday has the same run as does Wednesday etc.  Each run is also done at the same time of day as the previous run (every Tuesday is at lunch and every Wednesday is at 6AM and so on).  So, I’m able to accurately compare every run from every Tuesday against each other.  Since run effciency varies day to day, I didn’t want to compare daily runs, but instead I would average each week’s runs together to get one run efficiency score per week.  The goal is to continue this for either a full year or until I see a plateau in my efficiency.  So, here’s another update on the chart and my running progress.  I’ve also added a headings for the axes to help clarify the graph.  Here’s my progress as of today:


How to swim the butterfly

I’ve never learned to swim the butterfly.  I’ve always wanted to, but never really had a teacher or the time to learn how to.  I’ve started trying to pick up tips from some of the guys I swim with at master’s.  With fins, I can actually make it to the other end (that’s an accomplishment for me).  After the small taste of success, it’s made me want to actually figure out how to do it properly.  I found this article that gives several other tips as well.  Take a look and hopefully it will help you as much as it did me.  Full article is here.

Offseason focus

I’ve been in my offseason for a while now.  I’ve really not been training with a focused approach since Eagleman went badly earlier this year.  I kept going so that I could finish out the local races, but I never really had the same drive.  That’s all behind me now and I’ve structured an offseason workout regimen to try to improve my weaknesses this winter.  As you can see from my races this year, I really need to work on the swim and the run about the same amount.  My plan is to put in the hours for each sport and see if I can make some consistent gains on my base over the next few months.  I’ll keep a higher training load on swim and run with a maintenance effort on the bike focused on strength.

The Run

I started with a run plan that seems relatively reasonable in that it won’t typically be a huge stress and I can get most of it done without taking time away from the family.  I’m basing my Read the rest of this entry