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More on heat training

Like I said, I’ve been digging for heat training info.  Since I haven’t been posting on here much, these are the ones that I flagged as having worthwhile information.  There’s a lot more out there, but I tried to save most of the good information I found.  Here’s two more links to articles that give you heat training tips.  Nothing earth shattering, but good information that you may not have thought of otherwise.

Heat Training ‘Secrets’

Getting Used to the Heat


The Benefits of Heat Training

Here’s a topic I’ve been keenly aware of and digging for information on as I plan to race several times this year in relatively hot conditions.  I have found quite a few articles on heat training and the benefits and experiments and a few examples of how to do it.

From what I gather heat training is beneficial to anyone regardless of your race being in a hot or cool climate.  Several tests show that it can indeed increase blood plasma level as well as performance from even relatively mild exposure with a moderate effort.

This link is one that I’ve read many times as I’ve tried to plan my workouts and get the maximum benefit from the heat we’ve had so far this year.  I look forward to hitting up some hot run and bike days as the summer comes this year.  Now, if only I had somewhere I could do a combo of elevation and heat training I’d be set!

Over the Mountain Triathlon

I’ve been saving articles to post for quite a long time now. It’s been months since my last post, so I should catch up on race information first. My first Olympic race of the year was the Over the Mountain Triathlon in King’s Mountain, NC over the 5/18 weekend. It’s supposed to be a pretty challenging course. I was quite intimidated by it for multiple reasons. It was my first

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Eagleman 70.3 Race Report – Before the race

Before the race

I came into the Eagleman race this year with high hopes.  It was my “A” race and I had been training and planning this race for months.  My goal was to swim in hte 30-35 mins, bike around 2:15-2:20 and run sub 1:40.  I wasn’t looking for a miracle, I just wanted to have a good solid race with a finish time in the 4:30-4:40 range.

For those that aren’t familiar with the course, there’s a swim in the Choptank RIver which is typically pretty rough, a nearly perfectly flat bike and then also a very flat run.  That’s why I was expecting a PR and hoping to qualify for the 70.3 world championship in Vegas.

I drove up to Richmond, Virginia on Wednesday night before the race and then got up early the next morning to finish the drive on up to Cambridge, Maryland.  I checked out the swim site and the run on Thursday.  Then I drove the bike course on Friday in the middle of the tropical storm Andrea. Read the rest of this entry

2013 Eagleman 70.3 Race Review

Prerace preparation

Race morning

We got up at 4:00am and I had my breakfast.  I had a new nutrition plan this year.  I’ve never bonked, but I almost always have a locked up stomach after my 70.3 races.  After a lot of researching into this, I decided to try 2 new things for this race.  First, I wasn’t going to eat as much before the race.  I’m always terrified of being short on calories, but the information I had read lately made my question if I had been eating too much on race morning.  My typical routine had been to drink 2.5-3 Ensure plus, eat a banana and a bagel about 5 hours before the race start.  Then I’d get up and have breakfast (usually oatmeal, a bagel, a banana, and water) about 2 hours before race time.  However, this year, I cut out the midnight meal entirely and went solely on a breakfast.  For this race, I had two Ensure Plus, two bananas, and water.  I had calculated that this should top off my glycogen stores and give me enough fuel for the 4-5 hours of upcoming racing.

We were on the road by 4:45 with the intent to make it to the transition area by Read the rest of this entry