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Phasing and sequencing kick

At this slowtwitch forum thread Gary Hall has a very interesting question that he poses: where is the most powerful point in the underwater pull?

I won’t try to recap all the conversation, but the first three pages have some very interesting commentary on swimming theory and several research studies.  There is also some interesting information about phasing and sequencing of the kick and the pull.  Hit the link and take a quick read.  It’s especially interesting if you enjoy the physics theory behind swimming.


Update on run progress and medicine effects

I started a run plan back in November where I was planning to run 6 days per week based upon a hybrid plan of several suggestions I found on slowtwitch.  Unfortunately I pulled a calf muscle only about 8 weeks into the plan and I had to take quite a bit of time off in order to fully recover.  It was frustrating b/c the plan really seemed to be working and I was making great progress. I was on the verge of the best run fitness of my life after only 8 weeks.

So, I definitely wanted to jump back in and follow the program again.  I was finally able near the beginning of this year and I’m now about 10 weeks in.  My previous progress (as you can see in the graph below) was pretty much all lost.  However, I did ramp up quickly early on and Read the rest of this entry