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Yearly totals so far

A few interesting stats as I look back through the past year:

Swim: 192k yds (120 miles) in 72.5 total hours (including interval breaks) / avg page 1:32 per 100

Bike: 2950 miles in 158 hours / avg pace 18.8mph

Run: 660 miles in 92 hours / avg pace 8:23 per mile

Total 322.5 hours

Looking back, it seems like I put in a lot more than 322 hours, but that’s all I recorded and I’m pretty fastidious about recording everything, so I suppose that’s all I did. But, compared to last year’s numbers, I was able to get a bit more done this year in a shorter schedule. In 2011, I did 129k swim yards in 35 hours, 2965miles on the bike in 155 hours, and 615 miles running in 83 hours. Last year I finished right around 11/1 and this year I finished around 9/23.

I was also much better at sticking to my training this year. I did 89% of the training I had planned to do whereas 2011 I was only able to do 72%. I’m still not doing 100% of the plan, but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to make corrections along the way, so 89% isn’t too bad.


2012 Kona pros bike power data

A small group of pros thankfully opened up and provided power data of their whole race and it’s very interesting to see how they race and what kind of power they put out for long races like this.

Key muscle group workouts for stronger runs

Five Key Muscle Groups For Stronger Running (via

Towards the end of the triathlon season, I frequently hear comments from many triathletes (often strong swim-bikers) that they’re planning to really develop their running for next season. This normally equates to a planned increase in running frequency and volume over the winter (over and above usual…

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It’s time for the offseason!

So, with the cold weather and the end of my races, the offseason is here.  That means it’s time to plan for next year.  I’m in the middle of planning my race schedule for next year, but with that comes trying to plan my training and my expectations as well.  Here’s a few great links on just that topic:

TRX ideas

Sun Yang Stroke Analysis

Good analysis of a long distance swimmer with frame by frame shots of his stroke

Swim Sci: Sun Yang 1500 Swimming Stroke Analysis London 2012.

Swimming Form Tips

Squats for swim strength

Core exercises for running

Rehab exercises