Aero hair shaving?

Slowtwitch wrote an interesting article about leg shaving and its effect on aerodynamics.  It turns out that the most aerodynamic setup is not fully shaved, but rather partially shaved in a certain manner.  It’s odd looking, but an interesting study about turbulent flow boundaries.  I’d suggest reading the whole article to understand all the details, but the short of it is that you should leave a stripe of hair down the front and chevrons across the backs of your calves for “significantly reduced drag.”  Full article here.


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  1. Check Jesse Thomas’ article in Triathlete magazine, July issue I think…could be June. He did a wind tunnel test at Specialized with some slightly different results.

    • I read that one as well. Interesting that Jesse had such large power savings by shaving. However, I thought his results were in line with the article above.

      Jesse showed something like 15-18W savings by fully shaving his legs, but he only did a comparison of shaven to nonshaven. This article discusses the ability to partially shave and how it shows even further improvements over fully shaven.

  2. pretty sure that ST article was an april fools joke

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