More info on Sun Yang


It seems like there’s still a lot of interest in Sun Yang and his incredible performance in the Olympics.  I came across another article today that discusses his lactic and alactic capacity.  It shows how his profiles have developed and changed across the last few years for which the author could find data.  What I thought was incredible was this data seems to show that his pace doesn’t drop off much between 200 and 1500m.  It seems he is incredibly fast in short sprints, but able to keep that high pace for the entirety of the 1500m race.  Typically, from what I’ve read, seen, and experienced, athletes have a drop off percentage in pace (according to what I’ve read, a well trained athlete can expect to drop off about 7% in their pace every time the distance is doubled).  Sun Yang doesn’t perform this way, at least according to the data gathered by the author.  Either way, I’m very envious of his swim endurance.

Go ahead and read the full article and let me know what you think about it.  The link is here.


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