Base 3 Test Results

I finished my base 3 testing today with my run.  Needless to say it was a sufferfest.  So much so that I didn’t actually finish the run unfortunately.  My swim test turned up to not show too much change from base 2.  My bike test showed pretty strong improvement. I missed the base 2 test, but my base 1 test was 21mph at a heart rate of 164.  My base 3 test this weekend turned out at 23.8mph at 164, so a pretty dramatic improvement at the same effort level.

For the run, I made large improvements going from base 1 to base 2 and I had hoped to continue that improvement.  Base 1 was 7:01/mi at a heart rate of 172.  Base 2 was 6:12/mi at 177.  Base 3 today didn’t go to the full length, but the result was 6:00.9/mi at 170.  Since I cut off the last 2 miles of the test, I didn’t allow for the average heart rate to rise as the first mile is typically a bit low.  So, in order to compare today’s workout to the previous, I had to do a little more work.  When I overlay the heart rate on the Y axis to the distance on the X axis as you see below, I can see that my heart rate was about the same (if not a little lower) in base 3 than in base 2.  With my pace being quite a bit higher, I’d say that shows an improvement in efficiency.  I had hoped to run 4 sub 6 minute miles today, but that just wasn’t in the cards.  I did run two very consistent miles though.  My garmin shows the first mile at 6:00.91 and the second at 6:00.89.  Can’t get much better than that!

Base Comparison


All in all, I’m happy with the results so far.  Maybe by the end of my build phase I’ll be running sub 6 miles consistently.  My end goal is to be able to break the 19 minute barrier on a 5k.  Just 2 years ago, I broke 20 for the first time after a lot of work.  This year, the times are dropping nicely and I hope to continue that trend through the build phase.  I actually almost broke the 20 minute barrier in a triathlon 5k in my last race.  If it weren’t for a bit of cramping coming off the bike, I’m convinced I would have broken it pretty easily.



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