Busy time of year

It’s been a busy few weeks learning my new area.  I’ve joined a Masters group already and I think we’ve finally found a house which will free up some of my time.  I still haven’t figured out the bike routes around the area very well.  I’ve been out riding, but really haven’t found any good routes yet.  I’d like to get in with a group ride, but I still don’t have a road bike and I really haven’t had time to join one yet anyways.

Back in Kentucky, I had a small group ride on Thursdays that was always challenging.  I think that ride really helped me push my interval work b/c we were always pushing each other.  I feel like I need to find a group to ride with so that I can get those same intense workouts b/c always riding solo just doesn’t provide that competitive challenge that you need to lift your intensity level consistently.

I think I’ve finally planned out which races I’m going to attempt this year, but my calendar is so soft at this point that I can’t set anything in stone just yet.  My upcoming races (tentatively) are: Heart and Sole tri (4/20 in Versailles, KY), Huntersville Sprint Tri (4/28 in Huntersville, NC), Over the Mountain Sprint Tri (5/18 in King’s Mountain, NC), Stumpy Creek Tri (8/3 in Mooresville, NC), Lake Norman Y Tri (8/24 in Cornelius, NC), Vegas 70.3 (9/8, fingers crossed), and Pinehurst International Tri (10/5 in Pinehurst, NC).

As far as progression, this is my test week and I’ve completed my swim test.  It was once again done in a new pool which always throws a bit of a variable into the results, but my times were fairly consistent with my last test which probably means I need to put in a bit more effort into my workouts.  My run and bike tests will be done in the next two days.  This will be my first bike test of the year, so I won’t have any comparisons on it, but I’m hoping for some good improvement again on the run.  I’ll post results after the tests.


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