Swimming efficiently?

Last season I was doing my 3rd or 4th test of the year and I tried to raise my turnover rate to see what it felt like. I found that my rate of perceived exertion was the same and my pace was significantly faster. After all, there are two ways to swim faster if you don’t change your hydrodynamics. Those two things are higher turnover or longer stroke. I had found that shortening my stroke a bit and turning over faster made me faster overall.

While I was in less pain, none of my swim coaches liked it. They all want me to swim longer and taller (which I agree is what I need to do to speed up from here Bc there is a max rate at which I can turn over efficiently).

New research from Alan Couzens seems to support what I found out from my own experience. It will be interesting to follow his research and see where it goes. To date, all is have is this tweet, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.


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