First Race of the Year

Now that I’m finally semi-settled in (not really… I haven’t had a spare second to breathe since I’ve been here, but I can’t let that stop me), I’ve finally found a race to try in my new state.  Setup events runs several big race series all along the coastal states (and maybe even a few others?).  But, I believe their first race of the year for the series is the Azalea Triathlon at UNC-Wilmington.  I’m going over there tonight to stay at my sister’s house and then I’ll do the race the next morning.

It’s a short event (300y, 10mi, 5k respectively) and the weather looks to be good enough to race, so I’m excited for it.  The swim is a pretty controlled event assuming you don’t run into too much congestion, so I’m pretty sure I can guess within a few seconds what my time will be there.  The run is a flat 5k and I’m pretty sure I can give a good guess  on that one.  The wild card for me will be the bike.  I have done pretty much zero hard bike workouts so far this year and I’ve really done very little riding outside.  Going through my records, I have 42 bike rides this season so far.  Of those, 30 of them were on the trainer.  I’ve pretty much been a wimp this year when it’s come to cold weather 🙂

I know there will be some good competition there and it’s a really large race.  They cap the registration at 800 and last I looked, there were less than 100 spots open.  I’m still hoping for a top 10 finish and a good showing in my age group.  My race plan is to push the swim around 80-90% and then push the bike and run as hard as I feel I can sustain.  I don’t really have a heart rate cap on this one like I typically do b/c I’m expecting it to be a very short race.  I’m hoping to finish in under 50 minutes.  My time goals are 4:00 swim, 22:45 on the bike, and 20:00 on the run.  Add in the transitions and I’ll be 20-30 seconds under 50 minutes.

With the way my runs have been going lately, I’m hoping that 20 minute goal holds up.  I’d really like to break 20 minutes, but I’m not going to be greedy.  My best 5k time in a tri is about 20:30 or so, but I’ve had quite a breakthrough lately in running, so I should be able to improve upon that quite a bit.  We’ll see.  I’ll post an update after the race.


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