Bike interval sets to help bike speed had an article by Gordo Byrn that suggested three sets to help improve bike speed.  Below, I listed each of the intervals and my thoughts on them.  Gordo has significantly more experience than I on this subject, but it just seemed that some of the ideas didn’t quite fit with what I thought should be done, so I put my comments after I explained what he said briefly.  The workouts are as follows:

1. Big gear intervals.  Essentially high force low cadence.  He suggests 8 minute intervals with 2 minutes rest repeated 5x.  He also suggests a starting point of 60 RPM for your cadence.  I’ve done these for several years and found them to be very helpful.  Actually, aside from my normal group rides and long weekend rides, it’s been the only true structured training I’ve done over the past few years and it’s worked very well.  I wouldn’t say it’s all you need to do b/c I’m sure I’m leaving some out there on the table, but it’s a very good strength/muscular endurance drill that pays huge dividends in bike speed.

2. 12/3×5 race specific intensity is the “on” and the “off” is actually a zone higher intensity, so no rest on this one. I haven’t tried this drill, but it sounds interesting.  However, I’ll save it for much later in the year (perhaps in build 1 and 2).

3.  He says to do a lactate threshold test.  I do these every month in my rest week in the form of a test, but I don’t push for extended periods as he insinuates you might do.  My test sets are usually only 30 minutes.  My long rides are rarely never ridden at LT.  I can’t say it’s a bad idea, but as far as I understand most typical training plans don’t prescribe doing long sustained LT efforts unless that’s your race plan.  I’m not quite to the level that I can plan to ride a 70.3 at LT, but maybe one day…


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