Multisport Strengths and how to use them

I read this article and it made me think a bit.  I followed her advice more accidentally than anything and it does seem to make sense.  I came into triathlon without really much of a background in any of the sports other than running (I suppose that is if you call playing soccer, running).  So, I had a lot to learn.  I had really no fundamental knowledge on the nuances of form in any of the sports nor how to train for any of them individually, much less all at once.  Well, my first year, I quickly realized my bike was really progressing. I’m not sure why, but potentially b/c I work out with a group that has some guys with extensive biking background.  Maybe that’s why, but I really have no idea.

Regardless of why I progressed that way, by my second year of racing, my bike times were near the top of the pack while my run and swim (especially the swim) lagged.  I focused on the bike that year b/c I knew that nearly 50%of the race was spent riding, so if I could make good time on the bike, that would be my biggest bang for the buck training-wise.  So, 2011 was a strong bike year.  For 2012, my focus became more on the run while trying to maintain my bike prowess.  I had worked so hard to get the bike to the level it was that I didn’t want to lose that.  So, I held my biking level pretty constant for 2012 and really focused on running.  Over the 2012-2013 winter so far I’ve put a lot of emphasis on the swim.  Since it was the offseason, I could focus on swimming and not worry too much about keeping up my bike fitness.  However, now that I’m back in regular training for the upcoming season, I’ve refocused my efforts on getting my bike back up to par while holding my swimming gains.

My plans are to always hold my bike fitness as my strongest suit simply b/c the biggest gains (and losses) can be found there in most any race.  In the meantime, I will still hope to improve my run and swim times (in that order of priority) each year.  However, I think there is still room to improve on the bike.  In general, I’m still very new to endurance training and my body is still adjusting I believe.  I made big strides this past year and I hope to see those same results this year.  I just finished my yearly plan and my fitness should be much higher than last year at peak time b/c I’m building off of a bigger and better base of fitness each year.


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