Base 1 week 2. On track

I was very pleased with the way this week went. Last week I missed a few workouts and my long bike really frustrated me as I had such a challenging time finishing what was supposed to be a relatively easy ride. This week I focused on hitting my times, staying in my zones (pretty much all zone 2 work for now), and working on my form. My swim is still coming along nicely. I have a great group I work out with at masters swimming and I get a nice challenge from that every week. My bike and runs are coming along as well. I calculate an input:output ratio for each workout so that I can compare and track my progress. Other than the occasional group ride, my bike and run workouts have been solo to date. Considering it’s January, that’s not necessarily a bad thing b/c I can do it from the comfort of the interior on my trainer for the short rides.

I tried something a bit new to me this week. Typically, I break up all the hours into 3-4 chunks and space them out evenly though the week with slightly longer workouts on the weekends. What I did this week was to pick one rest day where I did absolutely no workouts. Then, for the rest of the week, I’ll do all 3 sports each day. I still have my main focus though. For example, Tuesday is a swim/bike day. So I’ll do a longer swim and bike like normal, but I’ll also squeeze in a short recovery run. Then on Wednesday, I’ll focus on the run. So there will be a longer run and a short recover bike and swim. That way, I get the consistency of hitting each sport every day, but not the tax on my muscles b/c it’s just easy recovery workouts on the off days. It seemed to be a good thing. I’m going to continue that for this next week as well. I’ll reevaluate at the end of each week whether to stay with it or revert back to my typical setup.

Weekly volumes (target 2:24, 6:06, 3:42, 1:00 = 13:12):
Swim – 3:45 / 11350y
Bike – 6:00 / 94mi
Run – 3:40 / 25.7mi
Gym – 0:30
Total – 13:55


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