Steelhead 70.3 statistical data analysis

Once I downloaded the full data set for Steelhead, I was curious about the splits and to see if anything could be gained by checking age group splits and the statistics around that.  Below (after the jump), you’ll see the chart that displays the complete breakdown.

Steelhead ironman age group statistics

What I noticed in this is that all age groups (save for two which have the x by their finish time) had larger standard deviations of their times from swim to bike and from bike to run.  What I take from this is that there are quite a few people doing the race who could have much better performances if they would train properly.  The run is typically a shorter duration than the bike, but yet the standard deviation of the times (the statistical spread) is larger on the run than the bike.  It is interesting to see that even the two categories that break this pattern really should have fit the pattern as well.  The F60-64 simply had too small of a population to get a good data sample, so that category can be thrown out as pure random luck that two participants were relatively equal.  The MPRO category had one pro that was either an exceptionally bad swimmer or he had a really bad day in the water.  His swim time was 45:47 which is worse than the average of the whole population.  So, ignoring that data point would drop their standard deviation to 1:34 and they would fit the same pattern at that point.  However, the difference in standard deviations from swim to bike and bike to run for both MPRO and FPRO is significantly smaller than any other age group.  They have the benefit of being a select group of athletes at the top of their game, so their spread should be smaller than the “everyone else” category, so that makes sense.

Other than that, I didn’t gain too much insight by simply looking at this data by itself.  Please let me know if you see something though b/c I’m always looking for what I can learn about a race simply from its data.  However, as you’ll see in future posts, I have been able to somewhat compare race to race by looking at overall trends in age groups and in splits.  As I get that data prepared, I’ll post it as well so you can see it too.


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