Disappointment in Ironman and their lack of response

Before I raced Ironman Steelhead last year, I had downloaded the previous year’s results in pdf format and looked through the performances.  It had all the data in a pdf file and it was broken down in multiple different ways (by AG, as well as overall, along with fastest splits for each sport).  It even had *s by the people who had qualified for Vegas the previous year (it’s a rarity in my experience to find a race that will list who qualified).  As I’ve mentioned before, I like to dig into the data, so I was excited that this race published so much information.  I looked forward to making all kinds of spreadsheets of this year’s race once they published the data.

Much to my disappointment, I’m still waiting.  Sure, the results are posted.  The bad news is that ironman redid all their sites (which they badly needed) which standardized the way they displayed their results.  Great!!  Well, not really.  They now only display data in small groups and the only way to find complete listings (including transition times) is to click on every participant that raced and record that data (hardly time efficient).  Could I do this?  Sure.  But, I refuse to.  I’ve written Ironman 3 times as well as spoken to a local acquaintance of mine who just recently was promoted by Ironman and moved to Boulder to ask for the complete dataset of Steelhead in any format.  So far, no response.  Nothing.  At all.  You would think an organization as large as Ironman would at least have the decency to respond and say no (if that’s their policy).  Now, I’m just left to assume that they don’t want me (a paying participant in their race) to have the data.  It’s all publicly available, but it’s just a major pain to accumulate it all (perhaps that’s done intentionally??).

I’ve emailed several other people who appear to have collected the data since they have several breakdowns of multiple Ironman races to ask them how they collected the data or if they got it from Ironman.  So far, everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed it’s a major pain, but they’ve done it manually.

So, since Ironman seems to want to either ignore me or stonewall me, I’m going to automate the process and publish the data here for anyone to have.  If they won’t provide it, then I will.  I’m working on the automation of the process now.  Once that is set, assuming Ironman did a good job at standardizing their site (which is a large assumption considering how poor it has been to date), it should only take a little bit to get any other race pulled down and aggregated as well.  If you have a race that I don’t have listed anywhere (I haven’t yet decided where to stash them), please let me know and I’ll do what I can to get it as well.  Or, better yet, if you know of another repository that has this data, please point me to it so I can save my own time.

BTW, they can be reached at timing@ironman.com if you have any interest in asking for results for yourself.

OK, rant mode off 🙂  Back to finishing up the plan for the upcoming season

UPDATE: I was able to bring it all in and the Steelhead file (along with a few others) can now be found here.


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