A follow up on adding variation into run training

I apologize in advance that this article does turn into a bit of an ad near the end, but I liked the message throughout and it seemed to compliment the article I read earlier this week very well.  It talks about how to spice up your running routine and suggests many ways in which to do just that.  The simple suggestions are the typical: change pace, change terrain, etc.  I thought it was interesting that he even goes so far as to suggest changing your races.  I’ve done that a bit as I typically do road running races in the middle of my triathlon-focused season.  But, he suggests that even the new fad of obstacle course racing could be a big benefit by adding some new aspects to your training and racing.  I like the idea, and maybe handling it as a race instead of just something fun to do on a Saturday will entice me into trying one.  As of yet, I’ve not done any of that style of race.



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