Minimalist footwear, forefoot running, and misunderstood trends

An article I just read made me think (I like when they do that).  It’s an interesting piece to me because it talks about the shifts in footwear and running that have been very trendy lately and gives small clips of a viewpoint according to many of the major shoe companies.  I tend to agree with the guy from Adidas who said this is a great time for runners b/c the market has so many different types of shoes out there.  It seems like there should be something for nearly everyone at this point.

A tip regarding injury that was new to me was that we, as distance athletes, do a lot of repetitive pounding without typically much change.  Both the writer of this piece as well as Simon Bartold from Asics say that to avoid injury, it’s best to mix up the terrain as well as the shoes so that your feet aren’t always seeing the same patterns of brutality on them.  I don’t know that it’s necessarily true, but it’s made me think.

I recently ran in Phoenix when I was there on a business trip.  I ran through the mountainous park trails on the south side of the city.  We don’t have anything like that here (that I’m aware of), but it was a lot of fun b/c it was something very different than I’m used to.  It definitely wore my shoes and my feet in ways I wasn’t used to as well as worked parts of my upper legs I wasn’t used to working.  So, I can see how their theory may be true that you may be getting a better balance of work on your feet and your legs by changing up your workouts on a regular basis.  Maybe I’ll have to pick up some trail running in the woods this next year.



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  1. Just be careful if you take up trail running in the woods with minimalist shoes. I ended up hurting my Plantar Fascia, as I wasn’t watching well enough – and put my foot down on a sharp rock, while wearing VFFs! (and not a trail running model)

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