Masters swimming already paying off in a small way

I started swimming with the Masters group 4 weeks ago in hopes of picking up my pace and endurance through regular group swims and coaching.  Coach Megan has worked with me regularly to help fix the flaws in my stroke and I’m still working through making the correct movements feel normal.

Along with the Masters swimming, I joined into a 6 week swim challenge with a few friends.  The rules are many and I won’t get into that here, but drastically simplify the challenge I’ll just say that you try to never have 2 back to back days without swimming.  You do a test at the beginning and each two weeks thereafter.  The test is a 100 sprint for time and then (after a full recovery) a 400 for time.  Subtract the two, divide by 3 and you have your critical swim speed (CSS).

My CSS to start was based on my best swim times ever.  They were not performed back to back.  In fact they weren’t even done in the same week.  So, it was a little slanted there.  But, that’s the data I had, so I used it.  My CSS was 1:33 per 100.  I tested again 2 days ago.  My 100 speed was essentially unchanged, but I dropped my 400 time by 12 seconds.  Pretty healthy improvement for only a month of training.  My CSS is now down to 1:28.  I’m very happy with that.  Hope to see the jumps continue.  Until then… train hard!


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