Master’s Swimming

I finally gave in and started Master’s swimming today.  I knew all along that if I stuck with this sport, I’d most likely have to join to try to get my swim more competitive.  I have a feeling this will do the trick.  It’s amazing how swimming with a group really drives you to push the workout.  Plus, there’s the added attention of the swim coach constantly watching and correcting your flaws.  The inclusion of pull and kick as well as strictly timed intervals are all quite new to me as I’m not nearly as militant in my workouts when I’m alone.

I swam with the middle tier group today and that was more than enough of a workout for me.  My swim speed is there, but my fitness is obviously inferior to the group I was with.  My base time today was 1:40 and at the insistence of the coach, I sat out 1 lap, but stayed with the group for the other 3650 yards.  I hope to drop my base time to at least 1:30 by next spring before the races start.  We’ll see how that develops over these next few weeks.


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