Yearly totals so far

A few interesting stats as I look back through the past year:

Swim: 192k yds (120 miles) in 72.5 total hours (including interval breaks) / avg page 1:32 per 100

Bike: 2950 miles in 158 hours / avg pace 18.8mph

Run: 660 miles in 92 hours / avg pace 8:23 per mile

Total 322.5 hours

Looking back, it seems like I put in a lot more than 322 hours, but that’s all I recorded and I’m pretty fastidious about recording everything, so I suppose that’s all I did. But, compared to last year’s numbers, I was able to get a bit more done this year in a shorter schedule. In 2011, I did 129k swim yards in 35 hours, 2965miles on the bike in 155 hours, and 615 miles running in 83 hours. Last year I finished right around 11/1 and this year I finished around 9/23.

I was also much better at sticking to my training this year. I did 89% of the training I had planned to do whereas 2011 I was only able to do 72%. I’m still not doing 100% of the plan, but sometimes life gets in the way and I have to make corrections along the way, so 89% isn’t too bad.


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